Magic Flute SOSA poster

The Magic Flute (Feb 2016) State Opera of South Australia

Role: Papagena

“Nicholas Cannon brings to birdman Papageno an easy charm and comic timing, his duet with Papagena, Karina Jay, a real highlight, as is the singing of Tim Sexton’s chorus, especially from the men in the invocation scene.” 

– The Advertiser 19/02/16 (Read the full review here.)


“Karina Jay’s Papagena was delightfully quirky and charming.” 

– Glam Adelaide 21/02/16 (Read the full review here.)


“Finally, Papageno finds what he is seeking; a Papagena to share his life, and a very talented new face, Karina Jay, recently graduated from her studies, gives him a good run for his money, before finally revealing her real self to him.”

– BWW Review 18/02/16 (Read full review here.)


The Magic Flute (June 2015) CoOpera: Opera on the Move

Roles: Papagena and Second Sprite

“Cannon and Karina Jay’s (as Papagena) performance of Pa-pa-pa was delightful”.

– Glam Adelaide 14/06/15 (Read full review here.)


Space Encounters (2013) Emma Knights Productions

Role: Harris

“The operatic talent of Cannizzaro, Jay, and Turner is something to be admired. Their voices are sublime in every sense, dancing delicately between the virtuous sing-song notes of the very upper level of the soprano range, to the earth rumbling, reverberating bellows that make your hair stand on end. Their harmony is flawless. The children particularly were gobsmacked by the vocal aptitude of the trio.”

 – Glam Adelaide, 2013 Cabaret Fringe Festival


A Little Night Music (2013) Hills Musical Company

Role: Anne Egerman

“Jay, a recent graduate from the Elder Conservatorium, lights up the stage and her soprano voice is a delight.”

 – In Daily Adelaide Independent News 11/11/13

“Karina Jay (as Fredrik’s much younger wife, Anne) successfully manages the difficult tightrope act of being convincingly innocent and naïve, but without coming across as a complete idiot. The tentative “B-plot” romance between Anne and Fredrik’s son, Henrik (played by Ian Andrew) is surprisingly sweet, and equally compelling, as these two also have a strong chemistry.”

 – Benjamin Orchard, Adelaide Theatre Guide


The Magic Flute (Oct 2012) Elder Conservatorium of Music

Role: Pamina

“The leads were outstanding. Karina Jay was beautiful as Pamina, a compelling presence.”

 – Adelaide Theatre Guide

“A young cast brimming with potential. Karina Jay as Pamina brought real pathos to her second act lament.”

The Advertiser




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